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Dr. Ruchi Deshpande: Homeopathy in Hair Loss

Homeopathy in Hair Loss

HAIR LOSS – Overview Hair loss refers to excessive loss of hair from the scalp. It is customary to lose some hair each day (50-100 strands) as a part of the cycle of growing and shedding hair. However, when the hairloss is excess, it becomes a cause for concern. Hair

Natural and Free Ways to Improve Your Image

Natural and Free Ways to Improve Your Image

It is possible to make everything more fun, better and perfect. The same is true for our appearance. Every month, apply detailed medical aesthetic procedures, you regularly put your cream on the in the morning, even if you forget to drink water every day, you will not get the right results. I’m

Dr. Rami Hamed: Lower back pain, causes and what is important

Lower back pain

Lower back pain, causes and what is important Lower back pain is a very common condition and can be related to various anatomical and pathological causes. The important points to understand when assessing Lower back pain causes are: Is the back pain related to movements (mechanical)? Or being static and constant

Scar Treatment Options

Scar Treatment Options

Doing Nothing:   Currently, it is not possible to completely remove a scar or give the person an appearance looked as though he/she has not been injured. Sometimes, scars get worse when they are attempted to be corrected. Therefore, it is important not to follow all recommendations, and to pay

New Results for Experimental Alzheimer's Drug

New Results for Experimental Alzheimer’s Drug

Dec. 5, 2019 — New study results about an experimental drug its maker claims can slow mental decline in Alzheimer’s disease patients were released Thursday. Studies on aducanumab were halted earlier this year because the drug didn’t appear to be effective. But the new results suggest it’s effective at a